Advance Computer Forms, Inc. (ACFI) is a reputable, fast growing manufacturer and printer of quality paper products. The company has catered to various business, multinational corporations, government agencies and educational institutions since its establishment more than fifteen years ago.

Our company was founded and incorporated on September 30, 1993, and began operations on October 1 of the same year.

Over the years, Advance has recorded remarkable growth in sales and other aspects of its operations. Correspondingly, it has expanded its product line to respond to the needs of its steadily growing clientele and at the same time, maintain its foothold in the highly competitive Business Forms Market.

The company prides itself on delivering to clients high-quality products that adhere to the company's corporate belief:

"Paper products distinctly designed to fit existing and contemporary corporate and individual printing needs with careful and particular detail to client savings, convenience, and overall satisfaction."


Our mission is to be the leading provider of highly valued printing products, services and solutions with a focus on customer commitment and sustainable quality that will build long-lasting relationships with our clients.


To become the dominant paper and printing solutions provider in the Philippines in 5 years.


Advance is committed to producing high-quality product whose value exceeds our clients' requirements and expectations.

Our manufacturing process is guided by a Quality Management System that ensures the identification of our continual improvement in both product quality and customer service, concentrating on the following points:

Continuous updating of knowledge and trends in the design, production and
application of business forms.
Intimate familiarity with the Market and Competition
Continuous refinement of Sales Techniques
Immersion and integration of clients and staff into the Advance Corporate Culture
Continuously improve Our System Processes


Advance is continuously moving towards forming mutually beneficial partnership with our clients and suppliers. We believe in the importance of establishing long-term relationship that focus on trust. Thus, part of our aim is to understand and anticipate our clients' needs, providing them with superior service and unmatched value.


Advance Computer Forms, Inc. has been successful in the printing industry due to our strong sense of commitment to high quality and consistency. Advance holds a reputable market share in the business forms industry. Quality plays a very important role in our operations. Products are closely monitored and very high standards are set - we make it a point to provide our customers with nothing less than quality-selected products.

We take pride in the fact that we always work closely with our customers in order to understand their objectives and develop unique designs, materials and delivery systems to complement their system needs and image. Our experience covers manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, retail, mail order, airline, laboratory testing, pharmaceutical, promotional and asset management sectors. This expertise and our extensive equipment options provide for economical and highly flexible customized solutions.

We invest time and effort in improving relations with our labor force. Advance is dedicated to continuing to provide unequaled service to our valued customers through the superb efforts of our hard working employees.

As part of our effort to better serve our growing clients according to their similarly ever-growing needs, we have implemented fast track programs, doubling efforts to sustain growth leading to better, more personalized service.

We are confident that our competitiveness does not lie in our pricing system alone but also in our quality products, personalized services and commitment to serve our clients' printing needs with only the best printing services and solutions.