Barcode Printing

Barcoding and Numbering

Advance produces a wide range of personalised documents with sequential or unique 1D and 2D barcodes. Handling complex data is what we do, and our IT team create barcodes to any required size or format including those that require bespoke number patterns and algorithms.

We print a wide variety of personalised documents that incorporate barcodes:

• A3, A4 and A5 single sheets
• Multi-part sets, books or pads (NCR)
• Continuous sets
• Booklets
• Certificates
• Integrated label and card documents

Specialized Numbering

In addition to barcodes, we are experts in formulating and printing a wide range of other specialised numbering formats to add an extra layer of security to documents.

• Modulus weighted numbering (often Modulus 10 or 11)
• Alpha-numeric randomised numbering
• Tamper evident numbering
• MICR E13B Code Lines
• CMC7 Numbering
• OCR Numbering

Barcode Documents

Sequential barcodes are increasingly used on a wide range of documents and products for easy tracking or unique identification purposes.  Read on to discover a few examples of the barcoded documents that we produce:

Return Labels

Integrated returns labels are widely used by online retailers, whereby a despatch or returns note includes a peel-out label with a unique barcode to track and identify a package throughout the returns process.  We can produce these with traditional 1D barcodes as well as Data Matrix/2D barcodes.


A 2D barcode is often printed onto educational or vocational certificates to authenticate and verify the qualifications printed on the certificate. 

Barcode Booklets and Pads

Courier Waybill Booklets

Many courier firms also have specially barcoded booklets which allow their drivers to confirm when an item is collected and give it a unique identifier to be used for tracking throughout the returns process. Integrated stickers can be part of the form and placed on the package to easily identify and track it.