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balance the cost against security

The strength of a document is in the combination of security features. If your document contains 5 or more elements of security and other institutions are only using 3 you can be fairly certain that they will be targeted before you. The counterfeiter will always look for the easiest and most cost-effective route. Skimp on budget, you skimp on security. What we do recommend is that you need to balance the cost against security. The question you need to ask yourself, as a security printing buyer, is “How much would it cost to remedy a breach of security?”

security checklist

You need to make a checklist of the different elements that you feel would be suitable for your job. Important considerations need to be made on the following:

security papers

Considered to be the “first line of defense”. Depending upon how secure you feel your documents need to be, you need to start any printing solution with a good quality substrate that offers basic security measures in itself. Security Paper offers some of the most secure document fraud deterrent features.

CBS 1 security paper offers some of the most secure document fraud deterrent features.

True Watermark

Security Fibers (Visible / Invisible Security Fibers)

Chemically Reactive Paper

Toner Adhesion

security design

The first thing that most people see in a document is the design and layout. Quite often the design is also the most neglected process in security printing. A good security design can mean the difference in preventing a forgery or counterfeit. In addition to this, security design is the easiest and cheapest solution compared to all the other security solutions. We have hundreds of security designs but these are the most common features that you will find in the market.


Rosette Pattern

Void Pantograph


security inks

A wide variety of security inks are available to use in conjunction with good security design to authenticate your document.  It is important to understand what you are trying to achieve when selecting the right security inks. If your primary concern is detecting attempts to fraudulently alter your document, then we will always recommend the use of one of more tamper evident inks.  If your main objective is authenticating a document, then an instant verification ink is advisable.

Temperature Sensitive Ink

Invisible QR Barcode

Invisible UV Ink